SW1 #1001 Locomotive

GP30 #849

Newest Locomotives for sale at Western Rail

(2) GP38AC-3’s  Both are ready for immediate service…..

(2) B23-7’s Both are ready for immediate service…..

MP15DC Just Painted & ready for Sale/Lease

26L / 645E / Newer Wheels / Fresh Paint / Super Nice


B40-8’s x 4  Ready For Service

Tier “0”  plus Emission Qualified Engines — Ready for service 1990 Built

SW1500  for Sale / Lease by Western Rail

26L / 645E/ Nice Wheels

SD9 #602  Returns from Lease  ready for immediate service

1 year of use after full rebuild / 26L / 645C / newer wheels


GMD1  Ready for Sale / Lease

Updated wiring / 26L / newer wheels super nice.


Western Rail offers many locomotive types for sale, lease or consignment. The locomotives shown on these pages are a few of the many EMD, GE & ALCO models we have available.

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SD9 Low Nose Conversion just about wrapped up

This unit came from the Portola Railroad Museum,
This ends up being just like the old D&RGW 5305 that was used on the hump for so many years in Grand Junction, an SD 9 with a low front hood.

Very nice indeed. Ready to go on lease or sale. Converted to new style control stand and 26L air as a well