Western Rail, Inc. is pleased to announce we have entered into a multi million-dollar agreement with Cummins to develop the next generation Tier-3 and Tier-4 emissions compliant 750-2200 horsepower single-engine locomotives. We are well into the development stage and have now received the ultra-reliable proven power plant the QSK50 power module that includes a Kato AC alternator and TMV electrical system. We are striving to use as much of the existing EMD locomotive we can for parts familiarity and inventory purposes for existing railroads. After the testing of this unit, we will partner with Cummins to further offer it all over the country. In addition, we will be offering this re-power for sale in three different ways. 1st we will offer it so we can take a customer’s locomotive and re-power for them and return it rebuilt and EPA emissions compliant, 2nd we will offer an outright sale of the whole locomotive, and 3rd we will offer it as a UTEX trade in for your existing locomotive. We are excited to enter this next phase of our continued growth and look forward to assisting you further the success of your railroad.